April 4th at 1PM

Featuring Cook Center faculty affiliate Jean Beaman.

“The theme for the 2023 annual symposium on race and racism is Racialization & Dynamic Global Racial Hierarchies. The symposium will focus on the concept of racialization, as it reflects the reality that racism, with its intent to control, surveille, and sacrifice some groups for the benefit of others, is dynamic, changing to fit the sociopolitical mores of the society. For those who study single societies, such as the US, understanding race, racism, and racialization from a global perspective will clarify their dynamic nature. This more nuanced understanding will facilitate the creation of solid research frameworks and empirical models to build an evidence base that can inform effective policies to address social inequities. In collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Sciences (IAPHS) and the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), the symposium will be a hybrid event, held over two half-day sessions, on April 4th and 5th.

The keynote panel and moderated discussion being held in person on April 4th at ISR, with an option for viewing the webcast live. Our four keynote speakers who we are greatly looking forward to hearing and learning from, are listed below:

The second half-day session will take place completely online on April 5th, and will include two additional panel discussions put together by RacismLab Members Lewis Miles & Deaweh Benson. The panel discussions will be on the following topics: (1) the measurement of race & racism in academic research, and (2) structural racism and the biological pathways to health.”