On November 14, the National Association for Gifted Children annual conference in Denver concluded with a presentation by Cook Center researchers. Kristen R. Stephens, associate professor of the practice in education at Duke and the co-director of the Cook Center’s working group on educational policy, and Erica Roberson Phillips, an educational equity and policy specialist at the Cook Center, detailed their work regarding “Academic Outcomes for High Achieving Students Who Do and Don’t Participate in Gifted Programs.”

The research, which Stephens and Phillips plan to present results for next year, is part of a multi-phase project looking at who participates in gifted programs, who benefits from these programs in terms of long-term learning outcomes, and what school and teacher practices correlate with greater success for students. In the coming years, the researchers plan to conduct a qualitative study in multiple North Carolina school districts to gain further context for their preliminary results.

Slides from the full presentation are available at the link below.