By Andy Luttrell

January 31, 2022

Chris Petsko studies which stereotypes come to mind in a given moment. He’s a social psychologist and postdoctoral scholar at Duke University. I talk with Chris about his “lens-based account of intersectional stereotyping,” which argues that we can only pay attention to one social identity at a time. As a result, the stereotypes that come to mind depend on the one lens through which we’re seeing someone at the moment.

Things we mention in this episode:

  • Walter Lippman‘s 1922 book “Public Opinion”
  • Testing a lens-based account of intersectional stereotyping (Petsko, Rosette, & Bodenhausen, 2022)
  • An early summary of a lens-based theory of categorization and stereotyping (Petkso & Bodenhausen, 2020)
  • Sexual orientation and racial identity interact to predict relevant outcomes (Petsko & Bodenhausen, 2019)

Download the full episode transcript here.