By Yamiche Alcindor and Diane Lincoln Estes

October 19, 2021

The pandemic has posed unprecedented financial challenges for U.S. colleges and students. The federal government has provided more than $70 billion in relief. Over $3 billion specifically for historically Black colleges and universities and more than $1 billion to minority-serving institutions where many students face fiscal hardship. Yamiche Alcindor reports for our “Rethinking College” series.

More than 75 percent get Pell Grants, and many come from Black communities, which were hit hard by wage and job losses during the pandemic.

Fenaba Addo studies student debt.

Fenaba Addo, University of North Carolina: Schools are realizing that the fees that are associated with attending their universities and their colleges are prohibiting them from completing their degree, or maybe delaying their opportunity with completing their degree.