Fall 2022: The Pandemic Divide

Global Inequality Research Initiative: The Pandemic Divide will explore inequalities through study of the recent Cook Center publication The Pandemic Divide: How COVID Increased Inequality in America. Through a series of remote and in-person lectures, undergraduate and graduate students will engage with instructors and guest speakers in discussions surrounding the events of the pandemic and its disproportionate impact on people of color, specifically through the lens of education, wealth, health, employment, and housing. Students will complete a semester-long research project of their choosing as part of the course.

The 2022 fall semester GIRI course will focused on the disparate impacts of global pandemic. The forthcoming book The Pandemic Dividewritten by faculty, researchers and collaborators of the Cook Center–examines the racial, gender and economic implications of COVID-19. The broad goals of the course are:

  • Examine past (and ongoing) inequalities within the book’s area of focus and how they made certain populations especially vulnerable to this pandemic
  • Identify and propose policy interventions to improve public health and social equality outcomes.
  • Conduct novel research related to economic inequality and the COVID-19 pandemic using methods across the social sciences

Instructor: Adam Hollowell

Guest speakers include authors of chapters from The Pandemic Divide. Read their bios here

2022 Project Titles:

Lauren Prox Assessing the Distribution of FEMA’s COVID-19 Funeral Financial Assistance
Rohan Bhambhani Can Public Transit Improve Socioeconomic Outcomes in American Cities for Low-Income Communities?
Rachel Richards Changing Infant Mortality and Abortion Rate Post-Roe
Rebecca Eneyni Child, early, and forced marriage in hte case of Syrian women and girls in Turkey
Dylan Geller Climate Policy and Access to Clean Water: A COVID-19 Perspective
Alex Glick
Tucker Lovell Education and Incarceration: Second Chance Pell
Quinn Davis Fast Fashion: Climate Inequality
Sanjit Tatavarthy
Kaila Balch Food apartheid at the table: the impact of historical redlining on food security in Durham, North Carolina
Yuqi Zhou Gaokao System and Education Inequality in China
Rachel Enggasser Global Comparisons of Drug Use and Crime, Imprisonment, and Welfare
Charlotte Navin-Weinstein How Did the SocioEconomic Impacts of COVID-19 Contribute to Inter Personal Violence (IPV)
Jules Feingold How do racial inequalities shape the private college experience from admissions to graduation? An analysis of standardized test scores, GPA levels, and graduation rates.
Alexa Mark
Colten Smith How has the pandemic increased awareness and change for racial inequality within the criminal justice system in the United States?
Malini Narula How Political Part Membership Has Affected Indigenous Language Populations in Brazil
Zuoyin Wang How the Choice of Industry Affects Income Inequality: Evidence from China
Claire Oh Inequality in Long-Term Care Facilities (LTCF) Usage Among Asian-Americans
Eli Weiner Inequality in Sports: The Gender Pay Gap
Runling Wu Mapping Media Bias to Local Observables
Julia Feldman Possible Effects of Music Education on Income Mobility
Tomás Leonardo
Drew Greene Practice what you preach: Tertiary education as a public good in high-income western nations
Mingke Chen Regional Marketization and Inequality of Regional Economic Development: Research in Chinese Provinces
Xinyi Wang
Hannah Marsho Spatial Analysis of Property Values and the Community Response to Hydraulic Fracking in Pennsylvania
Jiawei Qiu Study of Entrepreneurship Among Female Farmers in Rural China
Wenqi Wei
Vance Johnson The Disproportionate Effect of Gun Violence on Neighborhoods of lower Socio-Economic Status in Chicago
Angelina Frances The Disproportionate Effects of Climate Change on Conflict in the Middle East
Hannah Stone
Evan Henley The Effectiveness of a Microfinance Intervention in Detroit
Alexander Williams The Energy Transition in America: A Demographic Breakdown
Abdedaim Battioui The Impact of Covid-19 on Water Policy in the MENA Region: An Exploratory Study
Bobby Lee
Kaitlyn Luo The Impact of Female Policymakers on Abortion Rights Policymaking
Gavin Xu The One Child Policy (OCP) and Urban-rural Inequality in China
Alexis Williamson Title IX Compliance and Equity in Collegiate Athletics
Michael Bao To What Extent Have California’s Decarbonization Policies Made Zero-Emission Vehicles More AFfordable for people across income gaps?
Daniel Tan
Saad Ibrahim United States vs. Pakistan: Understanding Differences in Disaster Relief Funding and Capabilities
Jason Schnall
Morgan Robertson Voter Suppression in Georgia?: COVID-19 and S.B. 202
Hannah Schuffer Wait, isn’t it 2022? Understanding the present experience of LGBT+ young adults in the U.S.
Shujun Yang What is the Impact of China’s Three Child Policy on the Income of Chinese Women?
Gabrielle Battle Will Communal Or State Actors Better Serve the Needs of Sex Trafficked Black Girls?