Professor of Economics and Finance, University of New Orleans

Participation in DITE: Cohort 1 Mentor

Gregory N. Price, Ph.D  is the JP Morgan Chase  Professor, Minority and Emerging Business II, in the Department of Economics and Finance, University of New Orleans. His previous appointments include Charles E. Merrill Professor and Chair,  Department of Economics, Morehouse College, Director of the Mississippi Urban Research Center, Professor of Economics, Jackson State University, and Economics Program Director, National Science Foundation. He is currently the editor of the Review of Black Political Economy,  and  past President of the National Economic Association. An applied econometrician and theorist, his current research efforts are in economic stratification, African economic development, the causes and consequences of Entrepreneurship/Slavery. His research has been published in a wide variety of journals such as Economics and Human Biology, Review of Black Political Economy, Review of Economics and Statistics, American Economic Review,  Industrial and Labor Relations,  Social Science Quarterly, and African Development Review.