Rhonda Vonshay Sharpe is an economist and mathematician who analyzes large datasets to find the stories hidden in the aggregate.  Her research shows that by disaggregating data, we can identify the nuances in outcomes that can improve economic well-being.  Rhonda is the President and Founder of the Women’s Institute for Science, Equity and Race.  She is the co-editor of the Review of Black Political Economy and has served as President of the National Economic Association (2017).  She was named a Black Scholar You Should Know by TheBestSchools.org and BlackEnterprise.com  Rhonda’s areas of expertise include: gender and racial inequality, the diversity of STEM, and the demography of higher education; she has written about them extensively.  Her research has been featured on the PBS News Hour, Marketplace, Kerri Miller Show, the New York TimesThe Economist, and The Washington Post.  She is a recurring guest on the BBC’s Business Matters and an opinion contributor to Bloomberg.com. Sharpe completed her undergraduate studies in mathematics at North Carolina Wesleyan College and her doctorate in economics/mathematics at Claremont Graduate University.