Distinguished Fellow, Class of 2023

Warren Mosler is an American economist and theorist, and one of the leading voices in the field of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). An entrepreneur and financial professional, Mosler has spent the past 40 years gaining an insider’s knowledge of monetary operations. He co-founded AVM, a broker/dealer providing advanced financial services to large institutional accounts and the Illinois Income Investors (III) family of investment funds in 1982, which he turned over to his partners at the end of 1997.

He is a co-founder of the Center for Full Employment And Price Stability at University of Missouri-Kansas City and the founder of Mosler Automotive. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Franklin University Switzerland, and in 2014 was appointed Visiting Professor at the University of Bergamo, Italy. He has been attributed with creating Mosler’s law that states, “there is no financial crisis so deep that a sufficiently large fiscal adjustment cannot deal with it.” Mosler is also the author of “The Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy.”