Teacher Recruitment and Retention Trends Across North Carolina and the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Income Supplements versus Building Assets and the Racial Wealth Gap: Tax Policies

Hypodescent or ingroup overexclusion?: Children’s and adults’ racial categorization of ambiguous black/white biracial faces

What the Durham Police Department Can Do to Enhance Safety and Earn Trust

Stratification Economics: A Primer and an Explanation on Opposition to Affirmative Action

Understanding the Effects of Windfalls: What People Do with Financial Payouts, and What It Means for Policy

Increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the fields of nutrition and obesity: A road map to equity in academia

Are Leaders Still Presumed White by Default? Racial Bias in Leader Categorization Revisited

Color of Wealth Studies

Unraveling the Hispanic Health Paradox

Prison Hospital Data Is Omitted From Federal Data Sets

The 5Ws of Racial Equity in Research: A Framework for Applying a Racial Equity Lens Throughout the Research Process

Association Between Racial Wealth Inequities and Racial Disparities in Longevity Among US Adults and Role of Reparations Payments, 1992 to 2018

Alternatives to the scarcity principle

Position and Possessions: Stratification Economics and Intergroup Inequality

Setting the Record Straight on the Libertarian South African Economist W. H. Hutt and James M. Buchanan

Self-Reporting Race in Small Business Loans: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Evidence from PPP Loans in Durham, NC

Returns in the Labor Market: A Nuanced View of Penalties at the Intersection of Race and Gender in the US

Depression in the African American Christian Community: Examining Denominational and Gender Differences

The Cumulative Costs of Racism and the Bill for Black Reparations

Telemedicine services in higher education: a review of college and university websites

Racial Disparities in Household Wealth Following the Great Recession

About Face: Seeing Class and Race

Responding to Health Disparities in Behavioral Weight Loss Interventions and COVID-19 in Black Adults: Recommendations for Health Equity

The effect of stereotypes on black college test scores at a historically black university

Racial Differences in Time at Work Not Working

A Fair Shake for Black Workers

Oil and Blood: The Color of Wealth in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Is this the “Golden Age” of Behavioral Genetics?

The Color of Wealth in Baltimore

Still Running Up the Down Escalator: How Narratives Shape our Understanding of Racial Wealth Inequality

Black Wall Street of the South: From Reconstruction to the Pandemic

Federal Job Guarantee as a Proposition for Enhancing Economic Efficiencies and Business Competitiveness

Baltimore Study: Credit Scores

Race, Phenotype, and Economic Disparities: Evidence from Los Angeles, California

Priorities And Challenges: Wealth Management Among Affluent African-American Families

Ensuring A More Equitable Future: Exploring and Measuring the Relationship between Family Wealth, Education Debt, and Wealth Accumulation

The Association between Wealth Inequality and Socioeconomic Outcomes

Disparate Recoveries: Wealth, Race, and the Working Class after the Great Recession

Improving Human Health in China Through Alternative Energy

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